Capella Stories: Marc Allen Martin-ez

For Marc Allen Martin-ez, success means being proactive and open to new ideas.

In the 1990s, when his career as a microbiology lab technician wasn't as personally and financially rewarding as he hoped, Marc researched his options and embarked on a major career change. He pursued additional education and joined the rapidly growing IT field.

Since the late 1990s, Marc has been a contractor at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), working on financial, accounting, and reporting systems. He has enjoyed fulfilling work and a good income, but significant industry developments put Marc on notice that it was again time to bolster his educational credentials. The dot-com bust in the early 2000s made his field more competitive. Then industry requirements changed for IT specialists, requiring a master's degree for the type of work Marc did.

To Marc, the next move was clear. "I needed to make sure my base was secure. I needed a management degree."

A thorough research effort led Marc to Capella University. He credits the userfriendly learner interface with helping to sway his decision. But most importantly, he says, "the curriculum was more aligned to what I actually did in the real world."

A case in point: In his capstone course (the final course in which Capella learners demonstrate the competencies they have gained), Marc solved a problem from his own life. He built and implemented an information system for a cultural musical organization he belonged to. Marc's project blended membership data from four related organizations into one system. This enabled his organization to successfully handle a major growth spurt and retain valuable members during a time of rapid change. "I like that as part of my degree I could create a new tool that is used in the real world," Marc says.

Marc's classes at Capella also helped him earn another key certification in his field: a Project Management Professional credential from the Project Management Institute®. He was delighted to discover that the course work he'd done at Capella was ideal preparation for his PMP® certification requirements.

When a program manager position opened up at Delta Solutions recently, Marc seized the moment. "I helped create my future by gaining a set of solid credentials," Marc explains. He believes he got the position due to his strong personal initiative and the credentials gained through his Capella experience.

"I believe you're here to make the world and yourself better," Marc says. "Capella is where you get the resources and the knowledge to do that, if you are open to it."

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Photo of Marc Allen Martin-ez, MS
S Marc Allen Martin-ez, MS

"I believe you're here to make the world and yourself better. Capella is where you get the resources and the knowledge to do that, if you are open to it."

2006 Graduate