Capella Stories: Kristina Krajca

It's easy to think an online MBA is all about sitting alone in a room with a computer, but it's really about relationships. Ask Kristina Krajca, a learning and development coordinator for consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. Krajca says her early courses in Capella University's MBA program taught her a lot about strengthening her professional relationships.

During her first course, Krajca participated in the 360-degree feedback tool that's part of the MBA curriculum. What she learned about her own work style was vital, she says, "because you get the feedback from people that you work with. You see how your boss sees things as opposed to how you see things. So in your first class, you're already learning how to critique yourself at work. A lot of people don't get that feedback; they have no idea."

As part of another course, Krajca was assigned to mentor a coworker. She and her mentee met about once a week and worked together on a problem on an internal Web site. "We ended up with a great solution," she said.

Her MBA program has also piqued her curiosity about her own organization. Since many of her Capella assignments are workrelated, she has explored Booz Allen Hamilton's business beyond her immediate job role.

Krajca has appreciated the experience and insight of other professionals in her courses. "You're getting an outside perspective to help with issues at work that you might not otherwise talk about," she says. "It's just amazing the relationships that you form online."

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Kristina Krajca, MBA Kristina Krajca, MBA

"I can apply my MBA learning to organizational needs and issues."

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